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By GDC Staff

At we’re all about selling all types of guns, rare gems included. You can visit our Collectors Corner to see a curated gallery of all the most exciting collectible guns that we have to offer at any given time. We scoured through the corner and also found a few gems that slipped through the cracks so join us as we examine the top rare guns from the Vault.
Browning M1919 A4/A6
The Browning M1919 is available now to the right buyer.
Have you ever dreamed of owning a replica wartime machine gun? Here’s your chance! This Browning M1919 replica is a semi-auto version of its full-auto brethren which has seen action in nearly every modern-era combat amphitheater.
This big boy is built with a 24-inch shrouded barrel and is chambered in .30-06 Spfld with the ability to fire belt-fed. It also comes with a height-adjustable tripod. Talk about home defense! There is only one way to pick up one of these bad boys for your castle, that’s by clicking the button below.
Winchester Model 94 Larry Bird Commemorative
This limited edition Larry Bird Winchester 94 is as beautiful as Bird’s jump shot.
This is truly a rare find as only 100 of


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