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Hurricane Florence Satellite Photo. (Photo Credit/NOAA)

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Know the gun laws of states you may travel through or to during evacuations.

Ensure your insurance policies are current and cover your firearms. While many homeowner’s policies cover firearms, you must document your collection, including photos of each firearm with make, model, serial number and information on the condition of the firearm. It is a good practice to record this information and save it in multiple places, including digitally, so it is not lost in the effects of catastrophic weather. Importantly, ensure your insurance provider has this updated information in your policy should firearms need to be replaced following severe weather events.

In the event you have to evacuate, you should make every attempt to bring firearms with you for safekeeping.

However, if this is not possible, consider storing your firearms using the aforementioned protection methods. It is advisable to remove the bolts or firing mechanisms from firearms you leave behind to prevent unauthorized use of the guns in the event they are taken in your absence.

Lastly, if you plan to evacuate out of state, understand that gun laws may differ starkly from laws where you live, and you should research the firearm laws …Read the Rest

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