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By Duncan Johnson

Senator Craig Estes
Senator Craig Estes

Texas-( Partisan spin doesn’t usually surprise me-after almost fifteen years in politics, I’ve come to expect it from both sides in response to both triumphs and tragedies. But I was honestly surprised when, after the worst terrorist attack on our soil since September 11th, the Left’s response was to blame the National Rifle Association, the Republican Party, and an imaginary class of scary-looking firearms. Remember when the country used to come together after terrorist attacks and unite against our common foes?

Well this isn’t 2001 anymore.

Our President remains committed to discussing our common foe as little as possible, choosing instead to join his party’s attack against the Second Amendment and the people who support it. This isn’t new for him. After San Bernadino, he infamously stated that “[w]e have a pattern now of mass shootings in this country that has no parallel anywhere else in the world”, ignoring the fact that, only two weeks earlier, Islamic terrorists had attacked Paris in its third mass shooting of 2015. Blaming guns for terrorist shootings is like blaming airplanes for September 11th. France has far more firearms restrictions than the President has publicly advocated. India’s gun laws are even more …Read the Rest

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