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By John Farnam

Broken Guns

By John Farnam

Disarming Citizens for the Islamic Holocaust
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

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In an article of 3 July 17, Sky News crowed about a single seizure of illegal guns (“illegal guns” is a redundancy in the UK) on the French side of the Channel Tunnel, ostensibly on their way to England.

We are told that a number of “viable” handguns “in 4mm and 6mm” caliber, plus ammunition, were seized.

For one, I’d sure like to see what 4mm and 6mm handgun ammunition looks like!

I’m not at all sure what “non-viable” handguns might looks like!

Sky News writers obviously couldn’t distinguish a “viable gun” from a waffle-iron!

Like “show” drug-seizures, often ballyhooed by police, this seizure represents some minuscule fraction of one percent of guns illegally entering the UK!

“Real guns” are regularly slipped into the UK, in the dead of night, via small boats operating into small coves along England’s complicated and poorly-patrolled coastline, and have been for …Read the Rest

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