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By Ammoland Editor Joe Evans

Avian-X AXP, AXF Canadian Goose Sleeper Shells
Avian-X AXP, AXF Canadian Goose Sleeper Shells

Avian-XPORT CLINTON, Ohio -( Ask any goose hunter to describe the perfect hunt. Many would talk of corn stubble, sweatshirt weather and flocks of big, gray-bellied honkers back peddling into a spread of several dozen full-body decoys.

It’s an idyllic scene that’ll stretch the lips of any goose hunter, but plenty like to hunt geese in other situations as well. Pasture ponds, lakeshores and snowy fields have all filled the dreams of avid goose hunters at one time or another.

Until recently, hunters had very few choices when it came to goose decoys, which severely restricted their ability to effectively replicate the look of real geese in all but the most common scenarios.

When geese are on the ground, birds within the flock are doing a variety of different things. Active feeders will have a hustle and bustle about them, while stationary long-necked sentries keep watch. Loafing birds often crouch down low to the ground, or even rest on their bellies.

When it’s cold, it’s common to see nearly every bird laying down with their feet pulled up into their warm feathers, only standing up occasionally to move to a new spot. …Read the Rest

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