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By Brandon Curtis

I carry a Glock 19, because 9mm is my preferred ammo due manly to affordable training. Glock because well I love Glock, I don’t think I need to list all the reasons, I do also carry a Glock 42 if conditions ask for it to be so, jogging, walking, tighter clothing.

I use alien gear holsters for my G19 and G42, because I don’t carry the 42 as much I have an extra mold instead of another holster( an added bonus of using alien gear), I also use an alien gear gun belt witch is as good as anything else alien gear and I use a fobus duel mag pouch, I am a smaller guy I never thought I would be able to properly conceal the fire arm I wanted to in comfort with out printing but with the right gear and when concealed carry is a lifestyle you find a way.

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