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By Brandon Curtis


My names Lucas and I carry a glock 20 gen 4 with a laser max guide rod.

Why g20 in 10mm?

I live in Sitka Alaska on an island with one of the densest populations of brown bears in the world. My daily carry ammo is double tap 200gr. Hard cast rounds that leave the barrel at 1400 fps and hit with a muzzle energy of 750 ft pounds . While I have no doubt as to the stopping power this weapon would effectively have on a bear (which is my main concern and the reason for this ammo selection while in Alaska) it would be overkill for a human. The penetration would be way too much and have me very concerned about where that projectile goes after it passes through the bad guy so for that reason I switch to a hollow point round when carrying in bigger cities and the bogey is more than likely to be human.

The holster:

K Rounds IWB traditional

I found this little shop by mistake while looking for ammo in tukwilla wa before a flight back home. The hole in the wall kind of …Read the Rest

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