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By Brandon Curtis


My carry set up consists of my Glock 26 or Glock 19. My 17 is just a little long in the barrel for me to carry comfortably with the Raven Vanguard Basic Holster. Just don’t have the body type. I carry at the 12:00 to 1:00 position.

I carry the Glocks of course because of the reliability but also the interchangeability of the magazines. I always carry the Glock 17 magazine as a spare in my left front pant pocket so I have an extra 17 rounds….always.

The Vanguard VG2 holster gives me full trigger coverage and also an adjustable ride height and cant. A leather loop attaches to the belt to secure the weapon. Very heavy duty and extreme quality. What I love most about the holster however is that in the summer time I can position the firearm on the outside between the pants and belt to avoid the moisture issue. This is also nice in the winter if you’ve had to lock your weapon in the car because of carry restrictions. I hate ice cold steel against the skin. Just have to wear my shirts out for coverage….which I do …Read the Rest

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