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By Brandon Curtis


The gun: Earlier this year, I decided I wanted a 9mm compact for church carry and HD. The only pistol I already owned was a Shield 9mm. I went to my local range and rented 7 guns, then went back later and rented 5 of them again. Through that process, I realized the S&W M2.0 Compact was my favorite. The rough grip texture is nice, it shoots well for me, and I like the looks of it. I like it so much that it is now my EDC over the Shield (which I still like very much) maybe 90% of the time. It was nice to realize that carrying a 15+1 firearm isn’t much more involved than a 8+1 firearm.

The holster: When my Shield was my only EDC choice, I read of many good reviews of the Vedder LightTuck kydex holster. I had been carrying in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0, which is a very good and comfortable holster, but I wanted something that was easier to insert and remove from my pants with the firearm inserted. I bought the Vedder for the Shield and fell in love with it pretty …Read the Rest

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