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By Brandon Curtis


These are my favorite carries. I love the Kimber Pro Carry and carried it for years in both the Galco Concealable Holster and the IWB I made. I recently purchased the EMP-4 in 9mm and am presently carrying it because it doesn’t print like the Kimber. However, now that we have open carry in Texas, I tend toward the Galco more often since it’s more comfortable and a quicker draw. When I do open carry, I wear a longer shirt that “mostly” conceals my firearm. I have not received any comments either pro or con during the year that I’ve been carrying this way.

The Shield is my Sunday-Go-To-Meeting carry.

I always carry an extra Mag in the Safariland Mag Pouch . . . I like the horizontal pouch rather than the usual vertical types. If you change your carry choice occasionally, be sure to practice with all of them. They won’t do you any good if you’re not proficient with the one on your belt.

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