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By Brandon Curtis


Someone once told me “simplicity is elegance”. As a Marine, I am obsessed with accuracy as WELL as simplicity. So I now share my rig with you all.

My EDC consists of a SIG Sauer P226 (.40 S&W) with stock night sights, rail frame, and 12 round double-stag mag.

I carry my P226 in a Tagua Gunleather IWB holster. To me, the wrong pistol to carry is one that doesn’t “feel right” when you grip it.

When I first took hold of a SIG, it felt like being home. Purely natural. I’m not a big fan of a lot of polymers in a pistol so, naturally, SIG’s steel and aluminum construction was a perfect fit for me. SIG’s out-of-the-box accuracy also made me big fan, knowing for a fact that when I see my target, a clear sight picture and steady squeeze meant perfect shot placement.

The SIG P226 has no external safety. But the double-single action provides the option of safer round-in-chamber carry placed in double action in a holster with proper trigger housing protection.

Things can happen very quickly and my main concern when choosing a rig was quick reaction time with minimal “moving parts”.

I always hope for the best but prepare for …Read the Rest

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