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By Bob Owens

Travis Haley’s negligent discharge while filming video of Russian AK “safety” techniques.

There’s a bit of conventional wisdom among motorcycle riders that it’s not a matter of if you’re going to lay your bike down, but when. It’s simply understood among riders that if you put enough miles on your bike, that one day you’ll hit some wet leaves, or a pothole, will misjudge a curve, get distracted for a moment, or have someone pull out in front of you.

BOOM. Down you’ll go, hopefully without serious injury. Among my friends who ride, all of them have laid it down at least once. It’s an understood risk associated with a much beloved hobby.

Likewise, if you spend enough time around firearms and fire enough rounds, you’re probably going to have a negligent discharge.

I’ve had a negligent discharge with a firearm. To be specific, I cranked a round into the dirt in front of my target after letting my trigger reset just enough as I was going to low ready and planning to reengage the target during a class, my finger twitched with a minor muscle spasm, and BOOM.

Fortunately, I’d been following all the other rules of gun safety, so no one …Read the Rest

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