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By Tom Knighton

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

I’ve had a number of people take issue with a post I wrote regarding the Texas Speaker of the House. The speaker claims that gun rights activists visited his home, thus creating a threatening situation especially for his wife and kids who were home alone.

Some have noted that the activists in question tell a very different story, which creates something of a “he said/she said” situation.

Except, I think I owe an apology to Texas gun rights activist Chris McNutt.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I think dropping in uninvited at a lawmaker’s home is still a bad way to win friends and influence people. I can see how someone could have that happen to them and interpret it as threatening.

Anyone who does that deserves all the scorn they can get.

The problem is, it doesn’t look like that’s quite how McNutt and company “visited” the speaker’s home.

Lone Star Gun Rights, a Texas-based gun rights group not affiliated with McNutt’s group, took to their site to explain what happened. You see, while McNutt isn’t necessarily part of their group, they’re in the same fight. As such, there’s friendly interaction, including discussion of efforts. It seems the story they got in …Read the Rest

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