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By Tom Knighton

Recently, we shared a story about some 700 pieces of pro-gun testimony missing from state records. Officials at the time claimed it was a simple mistake, that a clerk thought the messages were spam and thus didn’t take the appropriate steps.

At the time, I thought that sounded more than a little fishy. After all, few people submit testimony with emails titled with things like offers for over-the-counter Viagra or other similarly spam-like offerings.

It just didn’t sound right.

Yesterday, a pro-gun activist in Hawaii sent me this video, clearly showing a clerk–reportedly the same clerk who supposedly thought these emails were spam–giving a completely different reason why that testimony was missing.

So which is it? Were officials simply not using that email anymore and failed to set it to automatically inform people that the email address would no longer be checked or did the clerk think it was spam?

It’s either one, the other, or something completely different. It can’t be both.

In the video, the clerk becomes belligerent about why can’t the activists use the capitol website, but that’s not the point. Testimony was submitted in what was published as an approved manner and then never made it into the record. …Read the Rest

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