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By Bob Owens

I have no problem with FireClean marketing a vegetable oil as a gun oil, as it seems to perform the role well enough.

I do, however, have a problem with what appears to be an intentionally rigged “product testing” video.

First, the video.

Fireclean’s founders and Larry Vickers make the claim that more smoke equals more carbon fouling leaving the gun. I question this accuracy of this statement, but admittedly don’t have the scientific background to dispute their claim.

That isn’t the issue we’re addressing.

Andrew Touhy of Vuurwapen Blog dissected the high speed film footage in the video above, focusing on the three handgun rounds fired. He made the disturbing discovery of what appears to be a mid-test ammunition swap, seemingly calculated to benefit the “more smoke is better” thesis of FireClean also espoused by Vickers.

In my opinion, what Tuohy uncovered suggests intentional dishonestly, not an innocent mistake. The questions boil down to the Watergate-esque, “who knew about the swap, and when did they know it?”

I think both Fireclean’s Ed and David Sugg and Larry Vickers need to explain themselves, and quickly, as both Fireclean and Vickers Tactical would seem to have a …read more

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