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By Robert Farago

Colorado Spring shooting (courtesy

“An emergency call placed moments before Saturday’s shooting rampage in Colorado Springs has sparked intense debate on how police should respond to armed people in public given Colorado’s open carry law.,” reports. “Naomi Bettis told The Denver Post she called 911 after spotting her neighbor, 33-year-old Noah Harpham, armed with a rifle on the street. She says a dispatcher explained Colorado allows public handling of firearms. Harpham went on to kill three people.” So it’s looks like yes, Colorado’s open carry laws did delay the police response until there were reports of shots fired. The problem with this is . . .

Nothing. There is no problem.

The resolutely pro-SWATting Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and their ilk may be having a field day – open carry means we can’t know who’s a bad guy and who isn’t so we need to call EVERY TIME! – but there’s no way the Colorado police should dispatch a policeman every time someone calls to report a citizen lawfully exercising their right to bear arms in pubic.

If they did so, they would be guilty of violating a basic principle of American justice: innocent until proven …Read the Rest

Source:: Truth About Guns

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