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By Brandon Curtis

And 8,000 devices have been pre-ordered so far, according to the company.

In the very near future, be prepared to be a target while out and about as a concealed carrier. While these devices are likely to be purchased by big companies and government agencies at first, I can see them interfering with the daily lives of law-abiding gun owners in the very near future.

The company is called Royal Holdings, and the device is named SWORD. In a nutshell, the device can attached to a few different model smart phones that are already available. With this connection, the user can scan people in real-time to see if they are concealing firearms, weapons, and other items that they are looking for.

Imagine walking into a store to see someone scanning you from 30 feet away with their phone, only to tell you that you’ll have to leave because firearms aren’t allowed at that particular location.

They say that the device will most likely be used at places such as large events and the like, but what’s to stop them from popping up at our local stores in the coming years? As of right now, their website allows pre-orders from businesses. Maybe I’ll try to …Read the Rest

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