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By Tom Knighton

I’ve repeated time after time that police have a tough job. There are few professions where not only lives are on the line, but every mistake has the potential to be a news story. Everything a police officer does is in the limelight whereas an accountant or an HR worker can make their mistakes in relative privacy.

That’s not to say that some police officers don’t screw up or even that every horror story we hear about police is the result of a mistake. Some people suck and them wearing a badge doesn’t change that fact.

However, they all get lumped in with the bad regardless of whether they even knew the bad officers. Now, anti-cop virtue signaling is a pastime all to itself. The latest example involves a food truck in Detroit, a town where staying in the good graces of police might be beneficial.

A Detroit food truck owner is at the center of controversy over a bold social media post announcing she will no longer serve law enforcement officers.

The owner posted the announcement Friday and has since received over 1,000 comments and shares on Facebook.

In the post, the woman says she has been “purposely intimidated” by Detroit …Read the Rest

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