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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gun lawmakers come up with some stupid ideas sometimes. Just look at the proposals being pushed on a given day and you’ll see plenty of them, such as banning guns based on cosmetic features.

However, a lawmaker in Wayne County (Detroit), Michigan has trotted out the dumbest proposal yet.

Wayne County Commissioner Reggie Davis, who represents the 6th district, is announcing a new proposed bill that would limit the sale of ammunition and increase checks for people buying ammunition in Wayne County.

Nicknamed the ‘Bullet Bill,’ Davis said the bill will require a mental health background check on those who purchase ammunition in Wayne County as well as limit the purchase of ammunition. On top of that, ammunition would have to be purchased from a law enforcement agency.

According to Davis, additional county taxes would be imposed on the purchase of ammo with revenue from it going to cover administrative costs, assist victims of gun violence and help with education programs.

Yeah, nothing intrusive about that at all, now is there?

Let’s also not forget the fact that this proposal is utterly useless except as a grandstanding opportunity. I get that Commissioner Davis has lost a family member to violence, so I’m somewhat …Read the Rest

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