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By Tom Knighton

Anti-gunners continue to claim that mass shootings don’t happen in other countries, despite recent history to the contrary. They look at what happened in Toronto as an anomaly, something that happened as an outlier but isn’t really a thing to worry about. They ignore it and pretend that it doesn’t completely undermine their arguments.

What will they do with a second mass shooting in the Great White North?

At 7:10 a.m. AT Friday, officers Lawrence Robert Costello and Sara Burns of the Fredericton Police Force responded to reports of shots fired outside a local apartment building.

Upon arrival, they found two people on the ground. When Costello and Burns approached the victims, they were fatally shot.

Police locked down the area and set up a perimeter. At some point, police and the suspect exchanged gunfire.

Around 9:30 a.m, about two hours after the initial call, police entered an apartment and arrested a 48-year-old suspect, who was taken to hospital with serious injuries.

The incident unfolded at a north-end apartment complex on Brookside Drive.

Four fatalities in a single location. That’s a mass shooting, by definition.

But those only happen in the United States, right?

Of course not. They happen everywhere. The difference is …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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