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By Jenn Jacques

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Following the epic fail of universal background checks in 2015, it looks like Vermont’s 2016 legislative session is swiftly following suit.

Evan Hughes, vice president of the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, said anti-gun lobbyists may have toned down their efforts, at least financially, for this year.

“They spent some serious money last year, about $300,000” said Hughes. “That’s big money for lobbying in Vermont. This year, they moved their money up to nationwide elections.”

But their efforts included yet another round of proposed gun control measures in Vermont. Universal background checks appeared again, but quickly failed to gain traction.

“So far that was 2013, 2014, 2015 and now 2016,” said Bob DePino, vice president of Gun Owners of Vermont. “They keep coming. They tried and they tried it again.”

S.31 would have made criminal background checks required for all private gun sales, but it did not have the support of the Association of Chiefs of Police.

Another bill, H.775, called for universal background checks but made exceptions for sales within a family, and sales to military and to police. The second version fared no better than the first.

“Basically it was UBC light, that’s what that was, and they didn’t get that either,” DePino …Read the Rest

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