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By Tom Knighton

For a lot of us, the idea of 3D-printed guns holds a great deal of allure, but not because of the ability to circumvent gun laws with the weapons. Most of us understand that a firearm that is illegal is still illegal, regardless of how it’s manufactured. A felon who 3D-prints a gun is just as criminal as if he bought that gun off the black market.

No, for a lot of us, it’s the fact that it’s new technology that will change the industry forever as it matures.

It’s that the future is now.

But for critics, 3D-printed guns are terrifying. They’re utterly convinced that criminals and other bad actors will use this technology going forward for all kinds of nefarious purposes. That’s why there’s such a push to stop it.

Unfortunately for them, it ain’t working.

Plans for 3D-printed guns have spread across the internet over the past three weeks despite the efforts of a federal judge and some of the country’s largest social media companies to try to impose limits.

Gun rights supporters say the online explosion — one website owner who posted the plans said his site logged 1.4 million requests over the past three weeks — shows the …Read the Rest

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