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By Tim Potter

Desert Tech SRS A2

U.S.A.-( Despite what your girlfriend or wife may have told you, sometimes shorter is better… and the Desert Tech SRS A2 has to be the shortest, most compact, fully capable, long range rifle ever devised. This is actually a bullpup rifle, and what that means, is the rifle can be shortened by placing components like the firing mechanism and magazine in the stock, behind the trigger, allowing the barrel to be moved rearward. This allows you to retain full-size barrel length and the advantages such as greater muzzle velocity and potential accuracy, in a smaller, more compact package.

Essentially bull pups use all the space in the stock, that is normally wasted in a traditional rifle. This does present some new challenges and a new system of arms, but I actually feel that the whole bull pup idea actually translates better in a long range bolt action rifle than it does in a semi-auto rifle. The reason I say that is, you get more returns from the basic premise of the platform. When you convert a traditional semi-auto rifle to a bullpup, the entire rifle length goes down by a …Read the Rest

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