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By Dan Zimmerman


Reader MixedMartialArmist wrote in our comment section:

Personally, I am done with gun shows. Fini. No mas. Used to be (it makes me sound and feel old) that you went to a show to meet friends, make conecctions, get great deals. Since the Last Panic it seems to have changed. For the worse. Some vendors are asking MSRP (which is their choice) for new wares. As though they have no idea the internet exists. Used weapons are tagged at new gun prices.
Too many vendors are rude, arrogant, and in too big a hurry to just get the money. The privates dealers/FFLs are the worst . . .

I understand on the used wares. Buy low, sell high. Bicker and haggle are not in vogue any more. The vendor tends to play real hard ball and can be insulting if buying your used gun or taking it on trade. There is the occasional vendor that is welcoming, pleasant, and very helpful.

Punch line: I have worked at these shows. I know both sides of the coin. It turns my stomach to listen to “stupid dick” stories about “this guy wanted…” or “the blonde with the knockers that…” from venodrs on …Read the Rest

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