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By Robert Farago

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“Guns are the mental illness of our society,” Joesph Britt writes in a letter to the editor at “Gun possessors become uncontrollable and kill multiple innocent people; we mourn the death of the innocent, bury them and talk about the rights of the living.” Surprisingly, the anti-gun author used to be Officer Britt. Not so surprisingly — given his opening salvo — he’s uncomfortable with the idea of his fellow Americans defending themselves by force of arms . . .

As a young officer in a gunfight I had the revolver, the bad guys had automatic weapons, the adrenaline in my body was so high that I didn’t realize I was dry firing (pulling the trigger on a weapon without live ammunition). I was a well trained officer but the shock of being in a fierce violent shootout unexpectantly and unprovoked puts you at a real disadvantage. The amount of shots fired by the bad guys at us were in the high double digits, evidenced by the holes in the glass window across the street, the backdrop of my position. I was sure glad no one walked behind me.

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Source:: Truth About Guns

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