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By Tom Knighton

There are issues with the Sig P320. Or, more accurately, there were. Sig did the right thing and offered to make the fixes necessary to prevent the weapon from discharging should it be dropped.

As if that wasn’t enough, now they’re getting to deal with a lawsuit from a Loudoun County, VA sheriff’s deputy who claims her P320 discharged while holstered.

A Loudoun County sheriff’s deputy has filed a lawsuit against SIG Sauer alleging that her fully-holstered duty weapon discharged and sent a bullet into her leg.

The incident occurred on Feb. 7, when 37-year-old Loudoun County Deputy Marcie Vadnais went to the Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy to attend a general instructor course, the Loudoun Times-Mirror reported.

In accordance with academy policy, Deputy Vadnais began removing her firearm from her belt when she arrived.

According to the lawsuit, as she fed the belt through the holster’s first tooth, her SIG Sauer P320 somehow “fired one nine millimeter bullet, which hit her in the upper right thigh,” the Blast reported.

“At no time during this incident did she touch the trigger, which at all times was inside and covered by a SIG-manufactured holster,” the lawsuit read.

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