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By David Codrea

Branco Kate Steinle's Murderer Not Guilty
Those demanding policies that enabled the killing of Kathryn Steinle by Jose Ines Garcia Zarate (aka Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez) have placed all the blame on guns. His acquittal could galvanize outraged Americans in the midterm elections.

USA – -( “Advocates for illegal immigrants are unrepentant after yesterday’s shocking acquittal on all homicide charges of an illegal-alien confessed killer,” reporter Heather Mac Donald noted in a December 1 City Journal report. “The advocates are defending the sanctuary policies that had set in motion the 2015 killing in San Francisco; they have also doubled down on their opposition to any deportation of illegal aliens, criminal or otherwise. If ever there were a clarifying moment regarding what is at stake in the battle for the immigration rule of law, this is it.”

As usual, “progressives” place all focus on the gun a five times-deported illegal immigrant (with seven felony convictions!) first stole and then used to kill a woman strolling on the waterfront with her father and friend. 32-year-old Kathryn Steinle would still be alive had a law enforcement officer not left his gun unsecured in a backpack in his car while going to dinner with his …Read the Rest

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