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By Tom Knighton

By now, we should all understand that the Democrats aren’t fans of guns. Even though there may be some pro-gun Democrats running around, the party itself seems to believe that the Second Amendment is little more than a quaint suggestion at best.

So, with that in mind, we shouldn’t be surprised that they completely freaked out over the idea that money from the Department of Education might be used to buy guns to keep students safe, especially when that money might be coming from a fund that’s basically educational welfare.

Tuesday’s letter, signed by more than 160 lawmakers, makes clear that federal law prohibits the Education Department from using funds DeVos’s team reportedly considered using to provide teachers with firearms and training. DeVos has until the end of August to respond.

Details about DeVos’s plan surfaced in an article by The New York Times, which explained her department was reviewing a specific grant program for loopholes. Language in the Student Support and Academic Enrichment program makes no mention of prohibiting weapons purchases.

The $1 billion program is listed under the Every Student Succeeds Act that’s intended to support academic and enrichment opportunities …Read the Rest

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