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By Chris Eger

Defense Distributed is set to post for plans for their own single-shot Liberator pistol as well as more traditional firearms such AR-10 and 15 rifles, Czech vs. 58s, Beretta M9s, and Ruger 10/22s (Photo: DefDist)
Last minute legal actions and demands on President Trump’s administration are mounting to stop the increased publication of downloadable gun plans.
With Cody Wilson’s Texas-based Defense Distributed set to publish free 3-D electronic files for several popular firearm designs as early as July 27 as part of a negotiated settlement with the federal government, almost every group on the left of the conversation on gun policy is up in arms to stop it — with a little help from Democrats.
In a nutshell, the State Department granted Wilson’s group an exemption to post plans for “non-military” semi-auto firearms under .50 caliber online by dropping its contention that they violated federal export control laws by posting them in 2013.
However, with news of the looming settlement circulating far and wide on mainstream media, the three largest national gun control groups — Brady, Everytown, and Giffords — banded together to intervene in the legal case, now in an Austin federal court.
On Wednesday, the groups submitted a 22-page filing seeking a temporary


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