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By CN Staff

By Luis Valdes via TTAG

According to the Washington Post Rep. Jared Huffman (D-CA) and fellow Democrats are looking at repealing a fifty-year-old rule that allows Congresscritters to keep guns in their offices and carry them on the Capitol grounds. Of course Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is backing the move as part of her bid to be elected Speaker again.

In a statement, Rep. Huffman told the WaPo…

“I don’t think we can just keep looking the other way or sweep this issue under the rug,” Huffman said in an interview, citing potential threats to public safety and national security from a lost or stolen weapon — or an overheated lawmaker. “Our political climate is too volatile and there are too many warning signs that we need to address things like this.”

The problem according to Huffman is apparently the known unknowns . . .

Huffman said he has heard rumors about colleagues keeping weapons and carrying them on campus but did not have firsthand knowledge about any particular instance. The House Sergeant at Arms, he said, informed him in a briefing that Capitol authorities do not …Read the Rest

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