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By John Crump

California DOJ's Assault Weapon Registration Scheme Heads to Federal Court
Democrats Plan New Universal Background Check Bill

U.S.A.-( House Democrats plan to push for universal background checks for all firearms transfers in the new session of Congress.

Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.) will be introducing the bill in the upcoming year. If Thompson gets his way, all private transfers would be required to go through a background check. The background check will be performed using the FBI’s flawed National Instant Background Check System.

Unlike previous legislation, Thompson’s bill will not have an exception for the transfer of firearms between family members. It would mean even the transfer from a husband to a wife would require going through an FFL.

Thompson believes that the legislation will prevent mass shootings like that shooting that took place at Parkland Florida. Seventeen students were killed in Parkland by a deranged gunman who was able to pass a background check.

At least one Republican will join the Democrats in their push for universal background checks. Rep. Peter King (R-N.Y.) told the far-left magazine, Mother Jones, that he would support the bill when it is introduced.

King has a history of supporting gun control in Congress. In 2017 he co-sponsored H.R. 4240 with Thompson. That bill, which was known officially …Read the Rest

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