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By Bob Owens

marietta swat

Four suspects are now in police custody after a gun store burglary turned into a brief gunfight in Marietta, Georgia.

Four burglary suspects are in custody Tuesday morning and police said one of them opened fire at officers during a SWAT situation at a gun shop in Marietta.

Upon arrival, officers spotted several people inside and on top of the business. At that time, according to police, they were able to take two suspects into custody.

Officer Brittany Wallace told FOX 5 that as the scene progressed, someone from inside the gun shop began firing and that’s when police fired back.

“As far as we know, no one was struck and that third suspect has been taken into custody,” Officer Wallace said.

The fourth suspect hiding in the store was also later taken into custody.

marietta bearcat

The burglary turned shootout came exactly one week to the day after a group of criminals were arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, after having burglarized a pawn shop in an attempt to steal weapons and ammunition which they planned to use to attack police.

Seventeen-year-old Antonio Thomas was arrested at the shop after an “alert” Baton Rouge police officer responded, police said. The …Read the Rest

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