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By Dean Weingarten

Democrats Flex Political Muscle to Shut Down NRA Event
Democrats Flex Political Muscle to Shut Down NRA Event

Arizona -( In the United States, politicians are not supposed to be able to prevent the opposition from meeting or speaking.

When Progressives dominated the mass media, the left celebrated the First Amendment. In 1963, the Harvard-Radcliff Democratic Club invited George Wallace to speak, and there were no protests or threats of violence. Leftists were all for free speech and rights of an assembly when they had little opposition in organs of mass media.

Times have changed. The Progressives no longer have an effective monopoly in the media. Now, heavier-handed tactics are resorted to. Democrat politicians in New York pressured a Staten Island business, the Vanderbilt, to cancel a Friends of the NRA event. When their heavy-handed tactics worked, they celebrated. From

“As a community, we have worked hard to address gun violence in this neighborhood, and an event like this was not in the best interests of the community. The Vanderbilt has been an important partner of the community, and the decision to cancel this event shows that they are accessible and hear concerns of our community,” Savino (D-North Shore) said.

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