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By David Codrea

This is the enemy Florida gun owners now face as many “A-rated” Republicans they supported betray them and flee. (Andrew Gillum/Facebook header screenshot)

USA – -( “When we win, we are going to ban assault weapons in Florida,” Tallahassee Mayor and Democrat nominee for Governor of Florida Andrew Gillum threatened on Twitter. It’s an indication of how far the place once derided by the citizen disarmament lobby as “The Gunshine State” has fallen in terms of firearms freedoms.

It also serves as yet another illustration that no matter how much Republicans surrender to the gun-grabbers, it will never be enough. As things stand now, Florida gun owners will have to decide if they still have enough fire in their bellies to turn up at the polls after their utter betrayal by “A+ rated” Rick Scott. That’s compounded by the revelation that incoming Florida Senate President Bill Galvano is now effectively on Bloomberg’s payroll. Then there’s the long list of Florida GOP turncoats and outright liars, who were happy to be represented as “staunch defenders of the Second Amendment” in order to gain power, only …Read the Rest

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