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By Bob Owens


I’ve noticed the same comments on social media that I suspect many other have about the capture of the man* responsible for the shooting from (not of) the Planned Parenthood location in Colorado Springs. Three people were killed and nine wounded in the attack, including one police officer who was killed and four more injured attempting to save citizens who were taking fire.

Very opinionated but very ignorant people have claimed that the shooter was taken alive because he was white, and also claim that if he was a minority, that police would have gunned him down. These idiots—let’s call them what they are—think cops see color.

I’ve trained with cops from across the country, including officers who have shot numerous suspects over the course of a career. Each incident has one thing in common. The officer was focused the suspect’s actions and overall demeanor, with a particular focus on the suspect’s hands.

If the suspect had a weapon in his hand and was attempting to bring it into action, he was going to take fire.

If the suspect looked like he was reaching for a weapon, he was going to take fire.

If the suspect was a strong, fit attacker going after an officer …Read the Rest

Source:: Bearing Arms

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