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By Tom Knighton

All across the nation, state legislatures are reconvening for the new session, and the makeup of many of these bodies is a little different than they were the last time they met.

In Delaware, lawmakers are ready to kick off the new session with gun control poised to become a major issue. In particular, an “assault weapons” ban.

Meanwhile, lawmakers are expected to revisit several proposals that failed to gain much traction in last year’s session, including legalizing recreational use of marijuana and prohibiting Delawareans from buying certain types of semiautomatic firearms.

With some gun control measures failing to progress to floor votes last year, including a proposed ban on military-style “assault weapons,” McBride said any gun bill introduced this year will go to the Senate Executive Committee, which he chairs, rather than the Judicial Committee.

“I believe the gun bills, the importance of them is such that it should be voted on by the Senate,” he said. “I will have a hearing on each one of them, and I will be voting to let them out.”

“The gun issue permeates so many different parts of our society, we need as a policymaking body to at least have a discussion on it,” …Read the Rest

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