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By Tom Knighton

Ever since Parkland, people have tripped all over themselves to try and stop the next mass shooting. Part of the favored set of solutions to this was the Extreme Risk Protection Orders, also called “red flag laws” that allow family, police, or even teachers in some cases, to petition the courts to remove guns from people who haven’t actually done anything wrong, but who might.

While ERPOs have allegedly been successful in curbing suicides–taking away a quick means to take one’s own life, thus making it more complicated to commit suicide–they haven’t seemed to do much for homicides. But that didn’t stop Delaware from embracing them.

Democratic Gov. John Carney on Wednesday signed legislation to set up a framework to temporarily void the gun rights of those thought to be dangerous in The First State.

The bill, HB 222, enables a family member or law enforcement to seek an emergency “Lethal Violence Protection Order” to temporarily seize the guns from someone thought to be a threat to themselves or others. The measure, termed a “red flag” law by supports, passed the legislature earlier this month without a single opposing vote.

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