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By Dan Zimmerman


Oh, the cognitive dissonance! What’s a pacifist to do when threatened with death or grievous bodily harm? From the Land of Enchantment comes this news: “A gun toting suspect who broke into a New Mexico home early Wednesday proved no match for the homeowner, a pacifist armed only with a cane who police say disarmed the suspect and shot him dead.” . . .

The un-named homeowner’s attorney had this to say:

“My client is completely traumatized,” Cravens said. “He’s a pacifist and was forced to deal with an extremely violent situation.”

Repelling an armed invader with extreme prejudice would be an upsetting event for anyone. But if you’re an avowed pacifist, successfully defending yourself by ballistic means and sending your attacker to the morgue might also make you re-think your world view.

Will the anonymous victim turn over a new leaf? Will his experience impress upon him the virtues of walking softly and carrying a big pistol? That remains to be seen. But if he does, TTAG will be happy to buy him his first firearm.

[h/t Dirk Diggler]

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