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By Dean Weingarten

Armed Citizen tells Story to Media at Request of Sheriff

In rural Pottawotamie county in Oklahoma, the Sheriff appreciates the efforts of armed citizens. I was able to get in touch with the elder Alvin Cleere. His son had captured a burglar by being observant. The son, also named Alvin, had noticed a pickup truck at a property were it did not belong. He checked things out and found that the truck was loaded with stolen goods. From . . .

He discovered the truck was loaded with stolen property, mattresses, fixtures even a kitchen sink. His fed up crime fighter pulled the 45 from his pickup.

Alvin held the alleged thief until deputies arrived.

Authorities applaud his bravery and willingness to get involved.

Alvin’s father said that he was very proud of his son, and gave me a phone number to contact him. I was interested because the story mentioned that this was the second time in a few weeks where an armed Alvin Cleere had helped to capture criminals.

In both break-ins, the suspects were wanted on outstanding warrants. I did some searching, but was unable to come up with the first instance in which Alvin used a gun to capture a wanted man …read more

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