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By Dean Weingarten

Harvey Lembo was tired of being burglarized and his medications stolen- five times in six years. The A 67-year-old wheelchair-bound former Maine lobsterman described himself as a “walking drugstore.” So Mr. Lembo purchased what the reporter described as a “vintage gun.” Harvey said “I bought a gun. Best thing I ever did.” A couple of weeks ago, a suspect broke in . . .

He was awakened – he’s not sure by what – and noticed that the clock read 12:04 a.m. He saw a shadow pass from the kitchen toward his living room. At first he thought it was his cat, Mittens, but the shadow was too big.

“I pulled my gun out from under the pillow, got in the wheelchair, rolled out here and he was standing here at my pills,” Lembo said during an interview in his living room Tuesday. The room was lit Monday night by the light he leaves on all the time.

Lembo said Wildhaber told him “I’m here to rob you like everybody else.”

Lembo described the burglar as clean-cut, wearing khaki shorts and a white T-shirt. He ordered the man to sit on the coffee table against a wall while he called police.

“I told them, ‘I …read more

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