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By Robert Farago


“A Santa Ana homeowner said he ‘had to pull the trigger’ after wrestling a gun from one of two intruders who entered his home Friday morning,” reports. Copy that. What else are you going to do after a bad guy enters your bedroom with a gun, takes “an enormous amount of physical abuse” and keeps coming? The fact that Erickson Dumaual used the bad guy’s own gun is neither here not there, although you have to wonder why Mr. Dumaual didn’t have a gun there, by the bedside. Maybe it’s because . . .


he had seven years of Krav Maga training under his [color unspecified] belt. Even so, his counterattack wasn’t enough to stop the bad guy without an additional ballistic solution. Mr. Dumaual attributes the perp’s perspicacity to drugs – a common theory amongst self-defense trainers. It’s more likely a simple case of adrenalin. Anyway, full marks for throwing the wounded gang banger in the pool to cool his heels until the police arrived. The second bad guy’s still on the loose. I wonder if Dumaual’s tooled up after the attack. Oh wait. California.

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