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One woman is in custody and another is at large after tying up an elderly man in his Gold Beach, Oregon home. FOX 12 confirmed that 50-year-old Sheila Clark of Coos Bay was apprehended in a grocery store after police identified the man’s vehicle parked outside. The 72-year-old man was allegedly captured inside his own home and restrained. According to investigators, they stole his cash and credit cards . . .

Clark’s accomplice, Michelle Taylor of Crescent City, stayed behind to guard the man while Clark drove to a local market. It was during this time that the man managed to break free and retrieve his handgun. No sooner was it out than Taylor, 27, fled.

Authorities are still searching for Michelle Taylor in connection with this crime and previous outstanding warrants for her arrest. Clark was also charged with crimes relating to this incident in addition to her outstanding warrants.

It is unknown at this time how the women were able to gain entry to the man’s house and illegally restrain him. Those details won’t likely emerge as investigators are focused predominantly on the criminal actions of these two women.

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