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By Dan Zimmerman

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“Authorities are talking to the mother to determine why the children were home alone. They also want to know why the 11-year-old had access to a handgun. Police believe the mother purchased the handgun because of prior attempted home break-in attempts.” Ya think? The un-named north St. Louis County 11-year old used a handgun this afternoon to defend himself and his 4-year-old sister against two yoots who apparently had tried unsuccessfully to break into the home twice earlier today . . .

But one shot to the head of one of the suspects, a 16-year-old, convinced his partner in crime to leave the vicinity post haste. He’s since been arrested while his less lucky accomplice is currently occupying space in a drawer in the county morgue. All thanks to one of those tools that are known to be useless for self defense.

Did the boy’s mother intentionally give him access to the gun? Had he been trained in its use? Does any of that really matter to those who love those two children right now? You make the call.

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