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By Justin Stakes

Ghost Gunner 2
Ghost Gunner 2
Defense Distributed
Defense Distributed

Texas -( Defense Distributed announced the official launch of the second generation of its Ghost Gunner CNC mill, the GG2.

Over the last two years, and with volumes of input from our customers, we’ve slowly revised and revised our specifications, electronics and tools to create a more ideal version of our machine– purpose-built for finishing AR and other firearm receivers.

We’d like to tell you a bit about the GG2, especially in the wake of recent events threatening our AR.

Full GG2 specs and the manual can be found at Since the release of GG1 we’ve focused on improving our continuous cutting power and finding the perfect end mill, depth of cut, cutting profiles and design tolerances to efficiently and repeatably complete the pocket milling required by AR receivers.

The GG2 is two inches wider than its predecessor, comes with completely re-engineered motion control electronics (we’ve discontinued use of the g-shield motion controller), has 60 more watts of continuous cutting power, a new custom rougher-finisher end mill with geometry suited for our speed and power requirements, in addition to new operating software.

Ghost Gunner and .DD files are now …Read the Rest

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