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By George


19-year-old rapper, Bobby Shmurda, and fellow members of the GS9 gang were arrested in mid-December and are currently awaiting trial for more than 100 charges, including murder in the second degree. One of his fellow gangbangers was just sentenced to 98 years in prison for his involvement in a shooting at a night club. Now Shmurda’s deffense attorney is claiming that the rapper and other members of the GS9 gang are victims of “Racial Injustice”.

Despite a year-long investigation by the Special Narcotics team that turned up hours of wire-tap confessions, the defense attorney is claiming that the rapper with a reference to murder in his stage name, and lyrics that describe shooting an individual and watching him “twirl”, still thinks that these young men are all products of a rigged system. And they’re not the only ones. Many people have turned to the internet to express their feelings on the recent developments on the case.

The defense attorney goes on to compare the injustices occurring here to the civil rights movement in the 60’s, as well as the “senseless” murder of criminals like Mike Brown.

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