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By Harold Hutchison

New Prauge High School Andy Dalsin
New Prauge High School Andy Dalsin

United States – -( High school and college are already hard enough. But when you are a Second Amendment supporter, it can be downright perilous at times.

Don’t just take my word for it look at some media reports: Students have been kicked out of class for wearing NRA T-shirts under the nonsense argument that it “promoted violence.” Others have faced worse, including suspensions, for standing up for our freedoms. These days, though with the ongoing efforts to stigmatize Second Amendment support, that can be bad news. Some of this high school stuff goes on records that can affect one’s chances of getting into college.

Worse, teachers and administrators backed the agenda of the anti-Second Amendment March for Our Lives. Students who walked out of class to protest against our Second Amendment rights got a pass for doing so. Those supporting the Second Amendment got much less support.

What is a pro-Second Amendment student supposed to do in this sort of hostile climate?

Well, as is the case with Second Amendment activism in general, a pro-Second Amendment student needs to have a good idea of the present situation. In this case, though, that …Read the Rest

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