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Old Outhouse in Snow Covered Field


The Old Outhouse in the Snow Covered Field

USA – -( Once upon a time at the edge of the hardwood forest, near the outhouse, the deer attacked the old man.

Even though the old man had given up deer hunting many years ago he still kept his huunting license current. But due to age, health issues and a few military related injuries it was getting harder and harder for the old man to walk in his forest and stalk the four-legged prey.

There was no flat ground in the forest, and that made mobility for the old man even harder. Still, every year since the Department of Defense got their claws out of the old man’s hide, when deer season approached the old man drove out to his forest and waited for the deer hunt to begin.

He would take the old woman with him, but she too had military-related problems when it came to her mobility. The solution for transportation for the old woman was they bought a mule for the old girl to ride on.

Just because the old man did not hunt was no reason for the forest to go unused. There was a dedicated party of hunters …Read the Rest

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