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By Bob Owens

David and Goliath by Daniele da Volterra

David and Goliath by Daniele da Volterra, circa 1550-1555

Liberals, as a general rule, dislike religion, and in specific, they dislike Christianity. This fact was made perfectly clear at the 2012 Democrat Convention in Charlotte, as the crowd literally and loudly denied God three times.

Even within Christianity there are progressives that seek to twist thousands of years of doctrine to perverse ends and rewrite our understanding of the relationship between man and God in a way that allows them to pick and choose the tenants of faith they want to follow.

The Armor of Light is a reputed documentary that instead focuses on the deeply skewed views about the relationship between the people of God and weapons help by one man.

Director Abigal Disney boldly holds forth every left-wing cliche about firearms and gun owners as being the “God’s honest truth” without any introspection whatsoever, and follows a fellow liberal attempting to rewrite Christianity to better comport with his liberal views on arms and Christianity.

In her new documentary, The Armor of Light (which opens in select theaters today), filmmaker Abigail Disney invites evangelical Christians to re-examine their views on gun ownership—not as a political issue, but as a moral …Read the Rest

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