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By Van Harl

DEEP WAR by David Poyer


DEEP WAR by David Poyer

USA – -( My first David Poyer book was Hunter Killer. I spotted it at my local library, and the jacket cover depicted a naval conflict with current stealth aircraft flying over the fleet. That book pretty much scared the heck out of me. So, I found the book Onslaught that was written just before Hunter Killer, wanting to get a better grasp of the main characters.

The author of these books is Captain David Poyer, US Navy retired. He is a Navy Academy graduate and knows what he is talking about when he writes naval fiction. All reading Hunter Killer did was reinforce my concern factor about a war in the Pacific with the Chinese.

DEEP WAR by David Poyer

Deep War came out, and I read it in two days. And, yes it increased my fear factor about the Han Chinese and their threat to the south Pacific and the US.

I still have contacts in the US Department of Defense and contacts who work at watching the Han Chinese, so I discussed some the Captain Poyer’s fictional concepts about war with China. Their response was Captain Poyer’s writing for …Read the Rest

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