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By David Codrea

Mr. Jefferson could not be reached for comment – which is probably OK since his statue will no doubt be coming down anyway, as soon as the “fundamental transformation” is complete. (Moms Demand Action – VA/Facebook)

U.S.A.-( “Virginia Democrats Delivered on Gun Violence Prevention,” an ARL Now promo piece by Del. Patrick Hope, Democrat, naturally, claims. “Virginia Democrats made gun violence prevention a central campaign theme in the 2019 election. Legislators finally listened to the voices of voters and we delivered.”

The bills will not, of course, prevent any “gun violence.” What they will do is infringe on the supposedly unalienable rights of Virginians who are not part of the problem. It will also move everything several steps closer to the real goal of “law-abiding” citizen disarmament.

Cases in point, let’s examine what Hope, who enjoyed an essentially unopposed election “victory” in his overwhelmingly Democrat district, is crowing about.

  • Background checks: Yeah, those will stop “out of control” MS-13 gangsters. Besides, no less an authority than the National Institute of Justice, in its “Summary of Select Firearm Violence …Read the Rest

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